May 2015

Ebola Encounters: Perspectives from the Bedside

Ebola Stories

USP staff had the opportunity to hear an animated and truly captivating presentation by Dr. Ian Crozier, an infectious disease physician who was infected with Ebola while treating patients during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa last year. 


One Meeting. Hundreds of Global Healthcare Professionals. A World of Difference.

Global Healthcare Professionals Convention

The 2015 USP Convention is over, but the theme of the meeting - 'Shoulder to Shoulder on the Path to Improve Global Health' - will continue to be echoed over the next five years. Indeed, many of those who attended didn't just make connections, they listened, engaged and sought collaborations that may truly make a world of difference.


Prevent Medication Dosing Errors – Ditch the Teaspoon

Prevent medication errors - avoid the teaspoon

Over and under dosing--especially of children--based upon the “teaspoon” dosing instruction, can prolong an illness, compound an existing ailment, and may lead to death. USP has joined a growing chorus of public health organizations and government agencies calling for an end to the teaspoon as a unit of medication dosage measurement.


Elemental Impurities – Their Impact on Drug Quality

While manufacturers have to ensure the quality and consistency of ingredients that go into a final pharmaceutical product, they must also employ measures for the proper control of unwanted impurities in drugs and drug ingredients.

Today, approximately 80% of all active pharmaceutical ingredients in medicines sold in the U.S. are manufactured in another part of the world. While manufacturers have to ensure the quality and consistency of ingredients that go into final pharmaceutical products, they must also employ measures for the proper control of unwanted impurities in drugs and drug ingredients.