July 2016

Strengthening Global Medicines Quality: USP’s New Role in Harmonization

Harmonization and Global Medicines Quality

In the past three decades, an increasingly globalized medical marketplace has helped improve patient access to new medicines. Sadly, it has also provided an opportunity for more substandard, adulterated, and counterfeit medical products. This article explains the evolving role of the ICH in helping to tackle this problem through harmonization, and how USP is linked to the effort. 


Visiting Scientist Program — Researching Pancreatic Enzymes

Dr. Maya Guncheva, a USP visiting scientist from Institute of Organic Chemistry, Centre of Phytochemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences provides a brief account of her research interests, what brought her from Bulgaria to Rockville, and the highlights of her experience at USP.

Tags: Research

How Generics Increased Access to Treatment and Lowered Drug Costs

Impact of Generics

Over the past three decades, generic medicines have significantly increased patient access to quality treatment, while lowering healthcare costs in the United States. Learn how a new class of prescription drugs knows as biosimilars, offers the same hope of increased access and reduced costs.