Over-the-Counter Medicines

Who’s Behind U.S. Standards for Medicine and Food Quality

Food experts wanted

USP recruits expert volunteers during a call for candidates for its 2015-2020 cycle.



Do You Find Prescription Labels Hard to Read? You Are Not Alone

Many Americans find prescription labels hard to read

Each year, over a million Americans experience a health problem because they find their prescription labels difficult to read or understand. This article explores some of the common mistakes patients make when taking their medicines, and offers patient centered guidelines to help standardize and simplify prescription label information.


4 Ways to Protect Your Medicines and Your Family During Summer

Summer Protection of Medicines

In the hustle and bustle of summer activities, there are some simple things about daily life that can be easily overlooked. One of them is proper handling and storing of medicines when your family’s regular routine changes. This article offers four tips for protecting your medicines during the hectic summer months.