Biologics Present New Challenges for Packaging

Packaging for Biologics

One of the most transformative trends in pharma in recent years has been the explosive growth in biologic drug development. While these medicines have opened doors for treating many different cancers, autoimmune disorders, and chronic diseases such as diabetes, biologics have presented some new challenges related to packaging systems.

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Quality at USP

Quality as USP

While USP is most well-known for its quality standards for medicines and their ingredients, USP also has initiatives focused on food ingredients, dietary supplements and other areas associated with the global supply of medicines. In celebration of World Quality Month, read more about USP's efforts related to product quality and standards.


Controlling for Particulate Matter in Injectable Drug Products

Contamination of Injectable drug products

Particulate matter in injectable drug products have been the reason for many recent drug recalls. In this blog post, Desmond Hunt, Ph.D., discusses sources of particulate matter and how to control them in the manufacturing process.