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Pharmacopoeial Harmonization: Focus on Japan

Pharmacopeial Harmonization: Japan

While there are many pharmacopeias in the world, the goal of pharmacopeial harmonization is to achieve uniform public standards, which are truly representative of the global supply chain.


The Stories That Mattered Most: Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

Top Quality Matters blog posts of 2014

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to highlight the stories that resonated most with our readers in 2014. Here are the top 5 articles on USP Quality Matters blog.


Partnering with Russia to Develop Quality Drug Standards

USP, through the International Training Program (ITP), provides an open forum of discussion in which our processes and approaches to developing public quality standards can be shared with regulatory agencies and reference laboratories around the world. As part of this year’s program we hosted – among others – scientific experts from the Russian Federation. 


Women Scientists Help Africa Face Pharmaceutical Challenges

Women scientists help Africa's pharmaceutical industry

Like most African countries, the challenges facing the Zambian pharmaceutical industry are vast. But under the leadership of Ms. Esnart Mwape, Director General of the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority, challenges such as counterfeit drugs are being addressed, as the Authority respositions itself to take charge of the market. Read more.


Visiting Scientist Talks Chemistry and Global Health

Chemist talks about global health

USP Visiting Scientist Santiago Gallardo Dávila talks with USP about his work as a pharmaceutical chemist at the Mexican Pharmacopeia, and the intersection between chemistry and global health.


Nigeria’s Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs – USP’s Role

Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs in Nigeria

Mandela Washington Fellow, Dr. Ashiru Abubakar, talks with USP about the drug supply chain, the intersection of public health and political will, and the hope for a future free of counterfeit medicines in his native Nigeria.