// November 11, 2014

Committed to Quality

Quality is the foundation of USP

November 13, 2014 is World Quality Day.  USP, as an organization, is committed to quality.  That includes quality in our products, our processes and our people.  That quality commitment extends across all of the USP global sites and to all of our customers around the world.

The Global Quality Assurance team at USP is especially committed to making quality a part of our daily activity and extending that interest and enthusiasm to all of our internal and external customers.  To demonstrate our commitment to quality, the Global Quality Assurance team sets Quality Strategic Objectives for themselves every year. These objectives define our path forward for the year and keep the team aligned, as well as focused, on the output we want from all of our activities and interactions.

The Global Quality Strategic Objectives for Fiscal Year 2015 are:

  1. Manage stakeholder and customer feedback to bring about positive changes that improve customer satisfaction and strengthen the USP brand
  2. Strengthen business processes, with a focus on building quality into the process, and a goal of continuous improvement, consistent performance and an increase in quality output
  3. Establish and implement effective communication tools and processes that ensure quality management system requirements, measurements, improvements and challenges are shared across the organization

These objectives are not specific to quality assurance – they are specific to our whole organization.  They ensure that when we evaluate process changes, identify process improvements, review and release product, train our staff or communicate with each other and our customers we have these objectives in mind.  

The ultimate goal is to thoroughly satisfy our customers with consistently high quality products and to make them want to look to USP as their solution source!

If you have any questions about any of USP’s products, processes or programs, we encourage you to contact us at custsvc@usp.org or reach out directly to any of our USP sites or departments. Happy Quality Day!

Teri Toth is director of quality operations at USP.