// December 29, 2015

Top 5 of 2015: Most-Read Quality Matters Blog Posts

Top Five Quality Matters Blog Posts of 2015

Thank you for helping Quality Matters spread the word in 2015 about USP quality standards and the important role our work plays in industry, public health and lives around the world. 

Over the past year, we have published more than 50 posts on timely topics central to our mission—including biologics, dietary supplement adulteration, compounded medicines, and combating poor drug quality in developing countries. Authored by USP leadership and staff, member organizations and volunteers, our blogs have aimed to provide a variety of perspectives that represent the diversity of our work and its impact. 

In addition, we have launched new series, such as the “USP Q&A” and “5 Things You Should Know,” that highlight new tools and information to help facilitate the work of analytical scientists working in the pharmaceutical, foods and dietary supplement fields as well as practitioners and healthcare professionals who use our standards to provide quality care to their patients.

While we feel that all Quality Matters blog posts are important, the following articles are the ones that you, our readers, found to be the most engaging and useful in 2015. 

Again, we thank you for your interest and welcome your comments and ideas for future blogs (please use the commenting tool below or email suggestions to social@usp.org).  On behalf of USP and Quality Matters, best wishes for a prosperous and healthy New Year!

  1. “Removing Barriers to Improve Drug Quality in Africa”: Patrick Lukulay, USP’s VP of GHIP–Africa, discusses plans to leverage his new post in Accra, Ghana to advance pharmaceutical quality in Africa. Countering inadequacies in drug quality through advocacy and working to help build an enabling environment that can sustain systems for effective regulation of medical products, he says, are needed for this to happen.
  2. “USP Q&A: Dissolution, Disintegration and Drug Release Tests”:  Dissolution, disintegration and drug release tests are important tools during the entire lifecycle of a drug product, from early development throughout its shelf life. USP’s Margareth Marques, Ph.D., provides answers to common questions and insight into standards and resources for these tests. 
  3. Pharmacopeial Forum: 5 Things You Should Know”:  Pharmacopeial Forum (PF) is the vehicle through which USP publishes proposed revisions to USP–NF standards for public review and comment. Learn about PF and how you can use it to help shape standards for drugs, excipients and dietary supplements.
  4. “What Is a Reference Standard?” : Developing documentary standards and Reference Standards is the core of what we do at USP. These standards help to assess the quality, strength, identity, and purity of chemical medicines, food chemicals and ingredients, dietary supplements, and biologics, among other items. Learn about the types of USP standards, how they are referenced in U.S. law, where they are used, and more.
  5. “Elemental Impurities—Their Impact on Drug Quality”: Today, approximately 80% of all active pharmaceutical ingredients in medicines sold in the U.S. are manufactured in another part of the world. While manufacturers have to ensure the quality and consistency of ingredients that go into final pharmaceutical products, they must also employ measures for the proper control of unwanted impurities in drugs and drug ingredients.