// October 14, 2016

World Standards Day: Why USP Standards Matter

Why USP Standards Matter

Standards matter. They form a common language to describe the quality, and qualities, of nearly everything in our lives—from the cars we drive, to the foods we consume, to the medicines we are prescribed. Here’s why USP’s quality standards for medicines, foods, and dietary supplements matter to you now more than ever:

Expanding Access to Quality Medicines

Publicly available standards help to increase patient access to quality medicines.


Experts from governments, universities, hospitals, the pharmaceuticals industry, retail pharmacies, and other disciplines create and continuously revise USP standards—with additional input provided from any and all interested parties during a public comment process.

Globalized Supply Chain

USP standards help to inform many aspects of the complex choreography involved in delivering a good-quality medicine to you—from raw materials, to manufacturing, to packaging and distribution, to hospitals and pharmacies. USP provides guidelines, monographs, Reference Standards, notices, and general chapters to help safeguard our medicines supply.


Counterfeit medicines pose an enormous public health threat, and standards play a role in helping quality testing organizations and federal agencies identify and assess suspected counterfeit or substandard medicines.