// April 14, 2015

The Role of Collaboration in Global Health: USP 2015 Convention


195 years ago, eleven physicians met to discuss quality of medicines and the impact their collaboration could have on the health of people in the United States. Thus was the U.S. Pharmacopeia founded.

Just one week from now, hundreds of Delegates, representing USP’s Convention Member Organizations, will gather in Washington, DC to elect USP’s Board of Trustees and Council of Experts as well as to make important decisions that will inform USP’s direction over the next five years, the 2015-2020 Cycle.  

During the 2015 Convention Meeting, many of the discussions and decisions will focus on four key aspects of USP’s vision for the 2015-2020 Cycle: Impact, Relevance, Collaboration, and Quality.  These priorities will live on long after the 2015 Convention Meeting, guiding USP’s new volunteer leaders throughout their terms of service. 

It will be incumbent upon the Council of Experts (USP’s scientific leadership), and the Board of Trustees to make USP’s impact, relevance, collaboration, and commitment to quality a reality.  In so doing, volunteers will also make those same ideals a reality for themselves.  Each volunteer leader will have a strong impact on the future of global health, become a collaborator with those within and outside of USP, ensure the continued relevance of USP’s work, and safeguard its ongoing commitment to quality.  But before they were nominees for these roles, before they were candidates for these positions of responsibility, they volunteered their experience and expertise to USP.

As USP walks shoulder to shoulder with Convention Members and key stakeholders into the future, what will be your role in impacting global health? What commitment can you make, now or in the future, to USP and its emphasis on Impact, Relevance, Collaboration, and Quality? 

Through valuable and extensive partnerships, "USP and You" can make a difference in the varied areas of the global healthcare landscape. As you consider ways in which you and your organization can partner with USP, please feel free to contact the Member and Professional Relations team at membership@usp.org.