// March 24, 2015

Strengthening Health Systems: How PQM Combats Tuberculosis (TB)

World TB Day

This World TB Day, Promoting the Quality of Medicines (PQM) program celebrates its achievement and commitment to taking an active role in reaching the millions of people with TB who are “missed” by health systems each year and do not get the care they need.

PQM, a USAID-funded program operated by US Pharmacopeial Convention, is addressing critical weaknesses in 16 countries’ health systems and building their capacity to fight TB. Through capacity-building approaches that help to ensure the quality and safety of TB medicines, PQM is making significant contributions to reaching the goal of ending TB in these countries by 2035.

PQM helps to ensure the quality and safety of anti-TB medicines in the 16 countries by:

  • Strengthening national quality assurance systems and improving good manufacturing practices;
  • Increasing the availability of quality-assured anti-TB medicines;
  • Reducing the presence of substandard and counterfeit anti-TB medicines in the global supply chain;
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of medicines quality and improved technology and the resources to support medicines quality; and
  • Collaborating with national governments and other partners.

Go here to learn more about how PQM is helping to strengthen health systems’ capacity to fight TB and other diseases.