Collaboration Divides the Work and Multiplies the Success

Global health collaboration

The work of improving global health is a collaborative effort. It takes many partners working together to bring their global perspectives and valuable insights from diverse health-related constituencies to the table. USP has many such partners, most of whom are also USP Convention Member Organizations.



The role of a pharmacopeia

When it comes to making and administering medicines – precision is paramount. To ensure consistency – the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists and healthcare professionals benefit from a universal reference. That reference is a pharmacopeia – a reference book (and today an online resource) of very specific formulations and quality tests for drug ingredients and medicines.


Partnering with Russia to Develop Quality Drug Standards

USP, through the International Training Program (ITP), provides an open forum of discussion in which our processes and approaches to developing public quality standards can be shared with regulatory agencies and reference laboratories around the world. As part of this year’s program we hosted – among others – scientific experts from the Russian Federation.